This blog was created on September 9, 2007 for the purpose of popularizing archaeological research in the island of Cebu, central Philippines. It is dedicated to the campaign to stop the looting of archaeological sites and to raise awareness of the pre-colonial heritage of Cebu especially in the light of modernity and the march of economic progress in the 53 towns and cities of the island.  

The work I do, which can be lonely and at times very costly, is a duty that I must fulfill before time runs out and all the archaeological sites of this island disappear amidst the bulldozers of development. I am not against economic progress per se for as long as the archaeological heritage of the sites in which development is carried out is conserved for the present as well as for future generations. Archaeology offers so many possibilities for balancing development with preservation. Hopefully the pages on this blog will help enlighten you about these and many more intriguing mysteries about Cebu’s past.


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